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An Introduction to Temporary and Short Term Car Insurance

What is temporary or short term car insurance? How does it work? Is temporary or short term car insurance even right for your situation?

As opposed to regular long-term vehicle insurance solutions that include premiums for anywhere to six months to a year, temporary and short term car insurance is exactly what it sounds like. Temporary car insurance are policies that can last anywhere from a single day to twenty-eight days. Short term car insurance include polices that last anywhere from one month to six months. These temporary and short term policies can save a lot of money for casual drivers, those going on holiday, or anyone needing to rent a removal van.

There are no unnecessary complications with temporary or short term car insurance. It works just like normal car insurance policies. You can get liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage. You can insure against problems with uninsured drivers, or underinsured drivers. You can even in some cases add medical cover - whatever your particular situation calls for, temporary or short term car insurance covers it just like a regular long term solution.

Getting a temporary or short term car policy is also a simple process. More and more insurance companies are now offering these car polices because of the increasing need. A simple search with Google or Yahoo can garner an extensive list of insurance companies that offer these specialized car insurance policies. Because of the Internet, prices are low compared to the cost of finding similar cover through an insurance broker.

Immediate cover for your vehicle can be had in most cases if you buy the policy online. Buying online allows you to print out the policy and proof of insurance at your convenience.

It’s important to note that temporary or short term car insurance polices premiums can be higher than normal long-term policies on a day to day or month to month basis; however, you may be in a situation where temporary or short term car insurance is a good choice. For example, your regular long-term policy may have run out, and you need more time to shop around for a new policy. A temporary insurance policy would be excellent for that gap in coverage, and if you still need more time to find just the right long-term insurance solution, back-to-back temporary insurance policies can be purchased.

Other reasons for temporary or short term car insurance include a visiting friend will be driving your vehicle, if you are taking holiday and wish to borrow an car, or if you want to test drive a new vehicle.

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