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Frequently Asked Questions

Is cover available for European travel?

Most of the short-term insurance companies include European cover as standard, but this cover is usually limited to third party only which is the absolute minimum legal requirement. There is, however, usually an option to increase this cover to fully comprehensive in exchange for an increased premium.

Is third party cover only available?

You can get cover for both third-party liabilities and comprehensive cover.

Can I use short term insurance to tax a car?

Yes, if you pick the right company to cover you. Some of them do not allow their policies to be used for taxing cars because they feel that it encourages people to drive without insurance, which is a very risky thing to do in more ways than one. Some companies however will send you a proper cover note through the post for a small extra charge, usually just a couple of pounds or so, which you can use for taxing a car. Downloaded documents are not acceptable for this purpose so if you do intend to tax a vehicle make sure that you arrange your insurance several days before the tax is due to give time for the posted cover note to arrive.

How quickly can I legally drive a car once the insurance has been arranged?

The whole process only takes a few minutes; you fill in the short proposal form, pay by credit card and you are covered from that moment onwards which means that you can legally drive the insured vehicle straight away. If you wish to have documentary proof you can download the cover details to your own computer and print them out immediately.

Would I be entitled to a no claims discount?

No, such a short period of cover does not accrue any no claims discount.

If I had an accident whilst insured short term, would I lose my no claims bonus on my main yearly policy?

No. You should however inform your insurer that you have had an accident so that this can be taken into consideration when your next policy premium is calculated; failure to do so could invalidate your cover!

If I book 28 days cover but find that I only need it for seven days, will I get a refund for the unexpired portion?

No. This type of policy is so inexpensive because it it is designed to be bought online in the simplest possible way. Refunding a policy takes human intervention which costs money, so most companies stipulate that there will be no refund for any unexpired portion once the policy had been purchased.

And finally .......

It is always essential to bear in mind, whenever you are buying insurance, that every single policy is different and it is absolutely vital that you check all the terms and conditions to make sure that what you think you are insured for is what you actually are covered for! One of the biggest bones of contention between insurance companies and their clients is claim refusal; you can be practically certain of eliminating this problem by making sure that you understand thoroughly just what is included in your policy and what isn't.


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