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What is Covered and Excluded under Temp Insurance?

Covered Items

Short term car insurance provides comprehensive or third party coverage for policy holders against loss, theft, damage, fire or vandalism to your insured vehicle, as long as you follow all terms, conditions and exemptions, as outlined under the policy.

Short term insurance protects the designated driver and vehicle against legal liability arising from an incident or accident. It covers liability to third parties - a person's injury, death or property damage - up to the stated policy limit. Some policies include cover for legal costs (legal representatives and solicitor fees) related to any incident covered under this policy. The insurance company will take over your legal defence or arrange for a reasonable settlement on your behalf.

Temp insurance often covers liability for others qualified to drive vehicle, driving with your permission (when the certificate of motor insurance identifies that driver as being allowed to drive your vehicle), any person using but not driving your car for social purposes and any passenger travelling in, entering or exiting your vehicle.

Accessories, like car radios, might be covered if they are designed to be removed from the vehicle (for security purposes) and cannot function without being attached to said vehicle.

Short term car insurance usually covers new car replacement based on the UK list price, if the car is stolen and not recovered. It can also cover "uninsured loss recovery" when involved in an accident with someone without insurance.

Any incident must occur within the "territorial limits" as defined by the insurance policy.

Excluded Items

The temp insurance policy will clearly list the designated driver, vehicle number and "description of use". Short term insurance permits vehicle use for social, domestic, pleasure, commuting and often limited business purposes too (leasing and contract-hire usages are normally prohibited). Anyone, not abiding by the terms, conditions and exemptions as outlined under the insurance policy, will nullify the insurance cover, as they will of course with any insurance policy.

Insurance companies demand reasonable actions aimed at preventing theft, damage or accidents. Thus, when they keys are left in the ignition during a theft, many policies won't reimburse the policy holder.

Temp insure cover will not provide for mechanical, electrical or computer breakdowns, malfunctioning or failures. It does not cover for the vehicle's loss of value after a repair. Confiscation by a public authority, damage to tyres by puncture and damage due to aircraft sonic booms are usually not covered.

Pollution (or contamination) from structures, air, land or water are normally excluded. Other exclusions can include biological, chemical or nuclear terrorism. Any damage resulting from an insurrection, revolution or war is also generally excluded.

Short term car insurance won't reimburse policy holders for claims that might be covered under another insurance policy.

Any fraud, forged documents or illegal activities nullify cover.

Driver Eligibility Requirements

Most UK short term car insurance is usually only available to drivers who have held and continue to hold a full, valid UK licence for the previous year. Some insurance companies will respect an EC or EEA licence; expatriates (expats) might qualify with an EC licence for duration of UK visit.

Drivers must usually be between the ages of 24 and 75.

Insurance companies will consider the number of endorsements and "penalty points" on your driving licence. They will also consider the number of "fault claims" you have filed. They do not want drivers to have any prosecutions or police enquiries forthcoming.

Vehicle Eligibility Requirements

The vehicle should be registered in the UK to be eligible for temp insurance; the policy holder will need to provide the car registration number. Multiple vehicle coverage is available.

Temp insurance cover will not be made on vehicles owned by vehicle rental or hire companies.

Large vehicles with more than eight seats or weighing more than 3.5 tonnes will not be covered.

Vehicles customised "after market" might not be covered.

"Description of Use"

The car must be used for social, private or specific limited business purposes. It cannot be used for criminal activities or with hazardous goods.

You must take all reasonable actions to prevent loss or damage to your vehicle and maintain it in good condition. The insurance company reserves the right to inspect your vehicle at any time.

Additional Insurance Cover

European cover is an option for driving in member countries of the European Union (EU). Carefully read the separate EU regulations that would apply. Some insurance companies will cover non-EU countries like Croatia, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland.

Temporary breakdown coverage is also available.

Don't pay for insurance cover you don't need. Temporary or short term insurance is a great cost-effective way to address vehicle insurance requirements for additional drivers or alternative vehicles, fitting around your own particular activities and schedules.



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