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The Advantages of Temporary and Short Term Car Insurance

• Mary Ashby was looking forward to her Christmas holiday. She planned to rent a car and drive north to Wales to visit family she had not seen in several years. The car hire company required her to carry additional insurance on the rented car, but the rental company’s available policy cost more than the entire rental of the vehicle! Instead she borrowed her sister's car and bought short term insurance, spending the balance on a gift each for her sister and her children.

• Spring was just around the corner, and George Heaton was getting ready to take his car out of the garage for the driving season. For the last three driving seasons, George always made it a habit to review his car insurance policy to make sure it was up to date. The tradition of examining his insurance always made him upset because he felt like he was throwing away good, hard, earned cash on a full annual policy when he only drove three to four months out of the entire year. He switched to using short term insurance which greatly helped to eke out his pension.

• Wayne Reynold — wenty-four, single, and attractive — attended university in Stirling. When he went home between terms to be with his parents and loaf around with his old school mates, he hated not being able to drive. His parents had a perfectly good vehicle, and they were more than willing to allow Wayne to drive the car, but their insurance policy did not cover him. A temporary policy came to the rescue!

For Mary, George, and Wayne temporary or short term car insurance can be a great convenience, especially now when so many companies are offering such policies to their customers. Temporary insurance covers vehicles from anywhere to a single day to twenty-eight days, which is a perfect scenario for either Mary or Wayne. In George’s case, he may want to consider short term car insurance which can cover a vehicle from anywhere from one month to eight months.

Besides the above three scenarios, there are many other reasons someone may want to consider temporary or short term car insurance.

For example, perhaps you are in the market for a new vehicle. You’ve narrowed down your search to three different cars, and now want to test drive them. Temporary car insurance allows for that kind of cover, and once you purchase that new vehicle, the insurance can be extended until you can thoroughly research a long term insurance solution.

Other conditions exist that necessitate the need for temporary or short term car insurance: a road trip where your uninsured friend will be doing a portion of the driving, if you are moving into a new apartment and need to rent or borrow a moving van, or if your regular insurance plan ran out.


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